Sunday, 25 May 2008


How old is that girl?
How many times does the camera close in on her ass?
Does this beat the video for Homecoming by The Teenagers on the underage soft p0rn scale?
Is the reason I've watched this 20 times already today that I'm aroused by the hula girl, or am I just jealous?
Why don't more people mount one another on camera?


Universal Records said...

This isn't the video that Universal records commissioned; Frankmusik has chosen to publish this via his MySpace, but is nothing more than a recreational piece of fun, and is thus nothing to do with us.

Universal records do not condone child p0rnz, and deny the allegations that Madeleine Mcanne is in fact gagged, behind camera.


charles said...

Its hot, just hot

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. she is 27 years old. Lol. I love the child porn tag. I just noticed that. I also love the "Universal Records" explanation. Genius. Neek

Clemence said...

Everyone was once aroused by Hula Girl.

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