Friday, 21 November 2008

White Lies and an Irish guy

White Lies used to be Fear of Flying. They used to wear colourful hoodies and skinny jeans, but now they only have black and white photos on their MySpazz and have meaningful songs about murder. When they uploaded a couple of not-shit tracks to their myspace last year everyone got in a right tizz. And when it turned out they wore black (black!), the music industry was already hailing them as Christ 2.0. We took the lads out in Camden just so we could bathe in their divinity.

Billie JD: Do you ring each other up to coordinate outfits like 14-year-olds before a school disco?
Charles: It’s not really coordinating; it’s more just wearing black. We find it important to make everything about us artistically, fit in with our music. We think our music is pretty black, so it makes sense to wear black.

What bands have you listened to and tried to emulate?

Harry: We’ve been compared to Echo & The Bunnymen and quite a few 80s bands.
Charles: We influence each other because we like very different things. When we work together, all our influences get mixed into a wonderful cocktail.

Have you ever tried the cocktail, ‘Screaming Orgasm’?

Harry: I’ve heard good things but I’ve never had one.
Charles: What’s in it?

I’m not actually sure. I’ve never tried it.
Charles: Yeah, but what is in a screaming orgasm? How do you make a screaming orgasm?

That’s a post-interview question. Who are better, MGMT or Vampire Weekend?
All: MGMT.
Charles: No offence to Vampire Weekend. I’m just a big Paul Simon fan. Vampire Weekend are abusing him.
Jack: They’re all really rich. They have yachts and shit. Come oooon MGMT.

Why ‘White Lies’?
Because it’s a dark, abusive power that creeps into everyday life. You shouldn’t tell them, but you do anyway.

When was the last time you said, ‘I’m never doing that again’?

Charles: Someone told me that there’s a biological argument that having a bath when you’re really drunk is one of the worst things you could ever do. But I did it anyway, and was sick all over myself in the bath. That was when I realised I should never have a bath when I’m drunk again.

Or stoned. Look at Mark Speight’s girlfriend. R.I.P.
Jack: (laughs) Dude, too soon.
Charles: I’m pretty sure neither of them will ever be doing anything again.
Jack: I don’t think she was just stoned either, maybe on something a bit harder.
Jack: I think it was cough syrup.

Charles: I want your answers for this as well. ‘I’m never doing that again’.
Harry: I never say, "never".
Jack: I’m never sleeping with Harry again.
Harry: God. Not after last night.
Charles: There we go.
Jack: A comedy gay answer.

-Enter comedy genius:

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