Monday, 22 December 2008


If you throw up the peace-sign I'll do that face.
Or maybe this one, its hit and miss.

Palais de Tokyo:

Scootered to a party at Colette

Raping Victor

Saturday was We Are Underage, Platform were filming

This is just before I kicked Xavier's head in

I interviewed Justice..



Anonymous said...

suck your mum you stupid fucking bitch.

Anonymous said...

^ lol that the last comment was written on christmas day! at 10 as well! why werent u sleeping/drunk/opening presents? jezuz.

mean mr mustard

louisehaynes said...

I dont think anonymous has quite grasped the concept of male and female anatomy yet.
Suck your dad would have been a more accurate insult. SORT IT AWRTTT.

JBJ said...

the justice interview is hilarious!

andrew.d.s. said...

got balls grrl