Wednesday, 25 February 2009

French Invasion

The boys from Paris came to DJ the Platform party



I interviewed Black Lips

I covered some of London Fashion Week for Vice, click below to read my parties round-up

And here for my half-written William Tempest piece

Funny story (not really): A while ago I was asked to go and interview the cast of Skins before series 3. I ended up signing someone's titties and and convincing the lead male that, 'bi-gay' was a sexuality. So, unfortunately, Channel 4 insisted we completely neuter the video, so now its thoroughly unfunny and dull. Enjoy:


Clarkman51 said...

I can tell it used to be a funny video. Well done for telling him is hair was greasy.

ROB said...

You completely ripped Luke in the full interview didn't ya ;D

And yet he still built up a fancy for you by the end of it lol.

Anonymous said...

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