Sunday, 5 April 2009

Half Full Glass of Wine

This is Tame Impala at the park, frogs EVERYWHERE


On the way to my favourite café



Back at The Lexington...

Pip was there, spreading Modular love

My Jester hat did the rounds that night

I turn into a toad prostitute at midnight

Click here for Tame Impala interview

Kap Bambino album is about the same length as their live set, but still GOOD


Anonymous said...

God you're fucking sad. Documenting your life and its inherent 'coolness' on your blog to a generally complacent and less flippant populace. Get a life and start realising it isn't all about extrinsic characteristics and how much cocaine you can snort off an insalubrious Shoreditch pub floor.

Anonymous said...

^^ now check back every day to see if there's any response.

Ri-Ri said...

You're so fabulous! Haters gon' hate.

Sam said...

This is the first time i have read this to say... i love it!!!!!

Clemence said...

I like how 'anonymous haters' now use words like "complacent" or "insalubrious".

Anonymous said...

(different anonymous)

Loooove the Tame Impala pics! And Sam, "complacent" isn't a big word lol