Monday, 28 September 2009

Fingers, pulses and loops..


Jamie Taete and I combing through Henry Holland's trash pre-fashion week... I sent him a message first asking if I could be his muse, but he ignored me.


Next week Paris..!


Amy Green. said...

not liking GIRLS and writing for NME is like being a nazi but thinking they should maybe cut the jews some slack.



2SHIN said...

This is just photos of you. Why am I looking at photos of you?

Bromance are the Tokyo Hotel Lite band I saw and booed dood.

andrew goldspink said...

i agree, some people
like some bands that
aren't that good.
also - i have that mask

Anonymous said... are a sad sad little girl. name drop some more, go on. maybe add that you sucked off one of the klaxons or fingered pixie. you are pathetic.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

GIRLS - Album reviews
Pitchfork 9.1
Guardian *****
NME 9/10
Spin *****

Billie JD - reviews

Bassist of the Virgins - underwhelming