Thursday, 3 December 2009

'you mean there's a direct correlation between colouring and success at a young age?'

Do you remember when I stole Henry Holland's rubbish with Jamie Taete? Well, we're totally past that now. Us three are, like, best buds. Vice even helped Henry throw a fake house party in Shoreditch (obviously) for Vodafone a few weeks back. How imaginative.

None of us really knew what the purpose of this whole thing was. But we'll do anything to support Henners, y'know????

Henry left loads of his samples lying around. But he wouldn't let me keep anything?

He said they were press samples. I said 'I'm press and I'm sampling this'. He didn't care. How could you say no to us, Henry?

Licking fashion's pussy. Yeasty.

WELL. That was one wild party, I can tell you. I'm still recovering, a month on! Luckily enough, the whole thing was captured on video by the guys at Vodafone, so if this blog didn't set the atmosphere enough, check out the clips here: A Clumsy Attempt at Looking Trendy

Bon Voyage...


NKK said...

It's vodaFone, biznatch!!!! xxx

Lolly said...

Can I ussse the 5th picture of those platforms, they are bangin!
for my blog?