Monday, 1 February 2010

Single and Fabulous?

Moni Haworth took some photos of me and my pal Bertie last week for her blog, Johnnys Bird. The dude in the top picture is our driver, who took us to Dalston in a beautiful vintage Mercedes he'd crashed on the way to my house.


Eupesio said...


yehwatsup said...

you have really cool pants. not just here like always.
pants queen.

Anonymous said...

u need cum on that stomach

Seem a dream said...

I like the red lipstick and also crop tops look good on you.
Like definitely need to work something more girly though, don't pretend you're tomboy..

D-AVEC said...

Great Photo! and Nice womans! ;)
great great great Eupesio Great xD
A kisss from Spain!