Monday, 27 September 2010


Just returned from a pretty 'fear' trip to Turkey. From what I've heard, there hasn't been much news coverage here on the attacks that took place over Istanbul Design Week; on the day I arrived several international journalists were seriously injured after Muslim conservatives invaded a gallery opening and started stabbing everyone and squirting them with pepper spray. I mean really...

I was there to cover Cemil Ipekci's show in Mardin, and despite all of his projects being fully supported by local governors and religious officials, there was still a huge uproar about the event taking place. Such a shame as it meant all of Mardin had to be heavily guarded with help from the military, meaning we saw very little of the city. And Youtube is banned. Sort it out, Turkey.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, here is the spread in the current issue of Jalouse from the festival I 'rocked' a few months ago:

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