Wednesday, 2 February 2011

these prints of our feet

Two pictures from an amazing trip to Miami last year.

See the rest of them in the Tropical issue of Jalouse coming soon, and then on here.


Anonymous said...

you're my favourite IT GAL


you lead such an edgy existence, i emulate you


bollock chops.

fuck off and come back to journalism when you've got some actual REAL life experience, and earn your career off your own back, not by daddy putting in some favours at vice

'Britain's most dead pan teen' LOL JKS!!!111

Leanne said...

your style is so cool.. your pretty much my idol - your journalist and independence and the fact that you're so young...

I'm a 19 year old blogger and contributer and I run an article on Diesel perfume's diesel fragrance factory - have to speak to my boss but would love to interview you for girl of the month!!

contact me if interested