Tuesday, 3 January 2012

happy new year!

2011 = hard to beat?

.. going to make this blog more consistent in 2012

Rose Boy & Friends is showing at "British Shorts" film festival next week in Berlin:

Never visited Berlin before, but the whole event looks great! Buy tickets and view full programme here: www.britishshorts.de

Some black and white boasts from late 2011; Twin / iD Magazine

Let's do it !


Katrina said...

brills. looking forward seeing this blog to be loved more ;) happy new year girl

xo katrina

WilhelmsHome said...

just watched you on the teen sex show and omg - you're awesome. Funny, smart and you dress like a goddess. if I were gay i'd have such a huge crush on you, just saying

and i hope i didn't creep you out haha(if i did, im sorry...)

Eupesio said...

go Billie go!

Markus said...

just watched you on the teen sex show in sweden and i must say: just your mysterious and a bit judging expression and overall style is freaking awesome!!, . if ure ever in sweden look me up XD
i be back